Areas of expertise

  • Landscape architecture

    Planning constitutes the first - and perhaps the - most important step in shaping a landscape. Utilizing the natural environment and new technologies, the company designs micro-environments of high aesthetic and environmental value that are especially adapted to every single case (recreational park, commercial park, hotel, green city, private garden, etc.). Ensuring thoughtful and even design achieves both cost reduction and minimization of maintenance costs (energy, water, consumables and labor).

  • Construction of green projects

    The construction of a green project is a complex and extremely demanding activity. It recommends the harmonious cooperation of agriculture, architecture and technology to achieve an environmentally sustainable, aesthetically satisfying and functionally sound technical project. The company of Mr. Filis Athanasios has created in the past some of the biggest green projects in Attica and some of the most demanding gardens of private homes and has achieved excellent results via professionalism and dedication.

  • Maintenance of green projects

    Phytotechnical works consist of living organisms and as such they require special agricultural knowledge for the characteristics and requirements of each plant in the various seasons of the year, knowledge of plant health protection, of soil fertility and know-how in cultivating techniques. The maintenance of the green projects comprises a series of annual and seasonal works, supported by the company which dispose specialized agronomists and workmen.

  • Irrigation network installation

    The company allocates and installs the most modern irrigation systems of various types: with water saving technology, with underground operation, central network with united control system, remote controlled, connected with meteorological stations etc. Proper plant and sod irrigation offers cost saving by reducing the amount of irrigation water required, uniform plant growth, sod growth without necrotic spots or spread of fungal infections and avoiding many diseases of plants.

  • Installation - maintenance of sod

    The lack of water, shading and intense land use often cause problems in maintaining the sod. The company offers solutions for choosing the right sod variety or the appropriate seed mixture according to the specific conditions and instructions for its specialized method of maintenance which are crucial for its long-term preservation.

  • Soil substrate improvement

    The company before any other work for the construction of a green project examines the composition of the soil and improves the soil substrate according to the needs of the plants that will be installed. This is achieved by laboratory analysis of soil samples and supporting operations, such as the addition of fertilizers or soil improvers (soil mixtures, inert materials, etc.) or the construction of a drainage system.

  • Pruning tall trees

    It is carried out by the company to avoid accidents in public places or to unblock branches from power cables. (cranes and specialized personnel are used taking very strict security measures in line with international standards).

  • Plant - protection spraying of trees, shrubs and ornamental flowers

    It is made by using special spraying machines, at the right time with the application of ecological plant protection products following strict measures for the protection of public health and animal welfare.

  • Public constructions

    Planting trees in the islets of National roads, reforestation of large areas, construction of squares, deforestation of common areas, are some of the work that the company has carried out in cooperation with Public Services.

  • Composting of plant biomass residues

    The company has a special know-how in composting plant residues (pruning of trees and cuttings of sod), resulting from the maintenance of green areas, for the production of soil improvers or fertilizers. Always complying with the European Union's requirements for waste management and energy recovery, the company from 2006 to 2015 has carried out works for the composting of plant biomass biowaste of the Municipality of Elefsina. As a result, it has solved in practice the various problems created in the attempt to produce quality compost and is able to manage the plant biomass waste of green projects without environmental costs.